18 July 2012Posted by Paul


AquaVoltaic is a commentary on the commercial use and abuse of water, and a satire of globalisation and popular media.   After buying a consignment of water from a shady Nigerian in Sierra Leone, quixotic Afro-Caribbean ‘businessman’ John Jay-Jay Joseph attempts to smuggle his booty through London and Essex to Outback Australia, where he intends to sell it to a mysterious Aboriginal tribe with magical realist ambitions. But when Jay-Jay’s bizarre plans go awry, the transaction between him and the other ‘ethnics’ unravels a darkly comic tale that raises questions about racial stereotyping, global trade, and the mutating qualities of water.

See epsiodes of AquaVoltaic here. (Opens

Stills from AquaVoltaic Scene 1

UK Tour: Metal Southend, July - August 2011, Metal Liverpool, September - October 2011
bSide Festival, Cultural Olympiad, Weymouth, July - August 2012

Stills from AquaVoltaic Scene 2

Along with the central thematic issue of water, is the idea of information and how it is represented – its authority, truth value and where it leads you. AquaVoltaic is an experimental work that proposes the idea that our aesthetic experience of artworks will inevitably be set or mediated by interactions between gallery visits and an online world. The work uses the new media but more to the point is about how we the public are having our lives changed by online mediated data (or profile creation).

Stills from AquaVoltaic Scene 5

AquaVoltaic tours Australia in 2013.

Supported by Arts Council England, Australia Council for the Arts, Metal Culture, PVA Media, Lock-Up Cultural Centre, University of Newcastle, NSW, Southend Airport.